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  • How to Back 50% Winners

    You would like to back a winner every two selections? That’s a 50 per cent win strike. Some dream!

    But maybe it’s not so crazy. After all, picking two horses a race and making a ...

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  • Days Of Glory (Part 2)

    Glancing back through the pages of P.P.M. since its inception in April, 1985, I never cease to be surprised at the wealth of information they have contained. It wasn't a hard task to find any number ...

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  • Blast From The Past (Part 1)

    In the almost eight years of its life, P.P.M. has brought its readers many system and staking ideas. A selection of them was put together in The Cold Collection book and proved highly successful. We ...

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  • Dutch Doubts

    We hear a lot about various forms of multiple betting, and invariably when this is discussed the topic of ‘Dutching’ comes up. It was devised by a man named Dutchy Schwarz back in 1902. He was, at one ...

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  • Fight Losing Runs with the Reserve Fund

    I’d like to address a couple of key factors in this article. One relates to staking, the other to selecting and staking, both vitally important issues for any punter!Leafing through my files the other ...

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  • Patience is a Virtue

    A very good friend of mine that I have written about many times was also one of the most patient people I’ve ever met. I wish that I could say I have the same degree of patience that he enjoyed, but ...

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  • Three for the Money

    Over the years, enough has been written about the fact that betting on favourites is not profitable, even if they do win roughly 30 per cent of races.Sadly, they don’t pay enough to cover your outlay, ...

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  • Strategy Means All

    Finding and carrying out a strategy lies at the core of successful punting. It’s not just me saying this. It’s professional punters right down through the years.“Strategy” can embrace selection and ...

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  • The Trouble With Savers

    You know the feeling. You like the 5 at a generous 5/1, but the favoured 4 could be tough and the 8 has a longshot look, too. So instead of simply betting $40 to win on the 5, you take the same money ...

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  • Each Way Savers

    It was my turn recently to peruse some of the many letters we receive from our readers. The topics they raised covered all sorts of issues. Some of them I will address in future PPMs, like betting on ...

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