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  • Clive of PPM

    An academic colleague vaguely interested in horse racing (a rare breed!), asked me if I had heard of a book he was reading about horse racing and written by a psychology professor in America. I ...

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  • It's All About Choice - Not Fate

    On a personal front, if there is one thing that I have found irksome over the years, it’s that most people I know refer to me as a gambler. Now, mind you, in the literal sense of the word they are ...

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  • It's All About Your Attitude

    Fighting with yourself! This is a description a friend gave me when trying to explain what form analysis is all about.People who are not into racing never understand what it’s all about. Some of my ...

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  • Hot Streaks to Success

    There are a few things, only a few, in this life that can be reasonably counted on. I know that's not a new perspective, and the ones we usually hear about are death and taxes. But racing also has a ...

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  • Expand Your Comfort Zone

    There have been many articles written that mention a punter’s comfort zone but unfortunately little is written to discuss exactly what the “Comfort Zone” is all about. Your comfort zone is the level ...

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  • Persistence Paves the Path to Profits (Part 2)

    In this article, I want to point out the importance of persistence. What does this factor really mean? Well, the dictionary says that persistence is to continue firmly in an action in spite of ...

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  • The Inner Struggle (Part 1)

    We all know that betting on horseracing is all about decision-making. We make hundreds of decisions each time we look at a formguide.Just think of a 16 horse race. If you look at every horse and go ...

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  • Battle Of The $5000 Bulge! (Part 2)

    In my previous PPM article, “Stick to the Easy Races" (August PPM), I wrote about a bad run of outs I had encountered betting on races in Perth and how I backtracked to find out where I had become ...

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  • Stick to the Easy Races! (Part 1)

    Earlier this year I struck what I call the DROO (Dreaded Run Of Outs) in Perth where, I must admit, I thought I had my punting under control.You all know what happens: you back them for the win and ...

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  • How to Beat the Zig-Zag Pattern (Part 2)

    This is the final part of an article on the psychology of punting by Barry Meadow, the respected US handicapper.A winner doesn't worry about setbacks, knowing that nobody's improvement is ever ...

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