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  • Thoughts on Greyhound Handicapping

    As with horseracing, it’s good to review your handicapping approach, and to take stock of what makes greyhound racing “tick” over as far as facts and stats are concerned.

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  • Form Chart Strike!

    Get the formlines in order, and you're on the way to success, whether it's dog racing or horseracing. This is a credo I believe in.

    When editor Brian Blackwell asked me to compile a special ...

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  • Rough Diamonds (Part 2)

    Winning money at any form of racing is a tough assignment. Winning at harness racing, it is said, is harder despite the fact that many more favourites win than in horse-racing.

    The problem ...

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  • McBride's Formula!

    George ‘Barker’ Bellfield reviews Bill McBride’s new book

    For some time now, America's No 1 greyhound racing-handicapping authority, Bill McBride, has been writing the ...

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  • Plunder the Trifecta Pools

    In general, around the world, the most profitable wager on greyhound racing is the TRIFECTA pool.Unlike horseracing, there is contact between racers in every dog race, usually a great deal of ...

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  • Box your way to success

    I’ve often been asked to speak about the importance of position posting as a factor in greyhound racing. Does the #1 box have an advantage?  Are dogs starting from the “middle” boxes, #4, #5 and #6, ...

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  • Check all factors to get your edge

    In an article in the April issue of PPM I stressed that SPEED RATINGS are the single most important factor in greyhound handicapping.I realise, however, that the racing forms used in your country make ...

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  • Measure those handicap skills

    In a recent issue of PPM I wrote of the trap of becoming over-confident in your greyhound handicapping skills.Feeling too firmly that your race alignment can be expected to routinely predict the race ...

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  • 5 Key Factors to Haul in Profits

    William E. (“Bad Bill”) McBride is the author of the best-selling book, GAMBLING TIMES GUIDE TO GREYHOUND RACING. This book was also reprinted as the AGTOA GUIDE TO GREYHOUND RACING, and became the ...

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  • The Form Grid Link

    The formline grid can be a most useful addition to your handicapping armoury for the dogs. All you do is go through the form and allot ‘ticks’ for each of the listed factors (see the grid below). They ...

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