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  • How to back 50% Winners

    You would like to back a winner every two selections? That’s a 50 per cent win strike. Some dream!But maybe it’s not so crazy. After all, picking two horses a race and making a ‘book’ by saving on the ...

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  • Best Bets Blitz!

    We talk a great deal in PPM about betting properly. We try our best to steer our readers into sensible betting habits, something that many punters, alas, lack and which causes them to lose.

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  • The Bank Builder

    Building up a bankroll is one tough task! Ask any punter.It's easy enough to get your startup bank but it's another thing altogether to build on the bank.This is because racing is no business for the ...

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  • Double Whammy

    Show me an average handicapper who bets well and I'll show you a winner; show me a good handicapper who bets poorly and I'll show you a loser! No, I can't claim this as being an original thought. ...

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  • Twin Dynamite

    Back in the 1950s, an American named Jack Bradley was a key figure in US horse-racing media. Bradley wrote regularly for the Turf & Sport Digest.He was a man who liked to offer as much help as he ...

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  • Double Figure Bonanza

    Almost every day, here at PPM, we receive letters from readers who, in desperation, turn to us for advice on staking. Mostly, they are punters who have never gotten their heads around the fact that to ...

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  • Just 1 in 10 Will Do

    Just one winner in 10 bets and you're safe? It can be done. The idea isn't new, it's just that, in the mayhem of modern racing, it tends to be forgotten.The '1 in 10' Plan is aimed at those of you who ...

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  • Roll with Wins

    Progression betting. Ugh, I can bear some of you say. Please, not progression betting. It doesn't work! And neither does target betting, and so on.To which I reply: Why not? Anyone who has properly ...

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  • Son of Yankee

    If the idea of using a maximum boldness approach appeals, then Yankee betting might be what you're looking for in your betting life. Now, this magazine has talked before about Yankee betting and we've ...

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  • Two Totes Blitz

    Over the years, through dealings with hundreds of mad-keen punters, I've discovered that almost all are, at heart, conservatives. They are not risk-takers.Give a man the choice between a 6/4 favourite ...

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