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  • Latest Article: These are a Few of Our Favourite Things (Part 1)

    In this series of articles, we’ll be looking at the favourite approaches of a wide range of international professionals.

    We want to know about their pet ploys, their staking ideas, ...

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  • Never Too Old To Learn New Tricks (Part 2)

    Last month we left off at the point where I was raving (again) about the Graham Swift novel, Last Orders. It's the only novel I can ever remember in which the author really seems to understand what is ...

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  • Beautiful Set of Numbers

    This article is an extract from Steve Fierro's best-selling book The Four Quarters of Horse Investing, which is available from book stores on the Internet, including and ...

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  • "Value" Is Only A Personal View (Part 3)

    This is the final part of our series featuring the views of UK professional punter Alan Potts, one of the most highly-regarded pro’s in world racing. This article takes the form of a question and ...

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  • Jim and Scott Ready to Rumble

    Jockey Jim Byrne hasn't been around much in Australian racing these last few years. He was mostly in Macau, booting home his fair share of winners.This year, though, he's returned home and is based ...

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  • Playing Safe ... Like a Pro

    I have seen lots of dashing gamblers in my time. Some have even hit the headlines with their betting coups but if we take the group as a whole, few of them were able to "see out the distance".That is, ...

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  • Quinnela Capers (Part 3)

    Betting the exotics is something 99 out of 100 punters do every raceday. Quinellas, trifectas and, in some areas, exactas are increasingly popular. They are just as popular in other countries.American ...

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  • The Right Strike

    It's what I call the 'infinite puzzle' of betting: Just when DO you bet and when DON'T you bet? I believe that if we could answer that question we would be well on our way to punting heaven here on ...

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  • Vital Choices (Part 2)

    There is a lot written about punting off course these days that is absolute nonsense. Most punting is conducted off course, and, unless the tracks have a sudden rush of blood and do something really ...

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  • Eachway Agony (Part 1)

    Yes, it's unquestionably the oldest question in the book, especially for those who live in countries where there seems to be some chance of making money betting each-way. The Americans have three ...

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  • Attainable Targets (Part 6)

    This is the sixth article in our series which brings you the views, ideas and angles from some of the foremost racing experts around the world. In this article, the US ‘legend’ James Quinn ...

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