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  • Is it Worth Betting to Value-Line Odds?

    A subject that invariably crops up in discussions about betting is the issue of betting to your own price lines. It’s a topic that we’ve covered before in PPM, and one which just keeps on ...

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  • Price Puzzle (Part 1)

    If you want to secure 'value' with your betting, how can  you do it if you don't have a guideline price about a selection?

    This is a question few punters want to confront. I think they ...

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  • Dissect the Form in Pairs

    It staggers me to note it was nine years ago when I wrote my first article for Practical Punting Monthly and I must admit to having enjoyed the experience immensely. I have four children: Jenny, Mary, ...

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  • Secure the Harness Line

    A common gripe about harness racing is that there are too many short priced favourites. Some punters complain that because the form is so exposed and the animals so reliable, there is no value to be ...

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  • Pair Shaped Handicapped

    In March, 1998 I wrote my first article for PPM, called “Pick ‘Em In Pairs”, in which I detailed my Pairs Analysis Technique, or PAT for short. This technique centered around matching TAB 1 with TAB ...

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  • The Great Odds Attack

    In a past PPM article I spoke about the importance of formulating a pricing methodology to determine which selections represent value to the invested dollar. Horse-race betting requires a solid ...

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  • Value Vibes

    A friend of mine told me recently that he always knew when he was getting a 'value' price on a selection. He experienced, he said, a tremendous rush of anticipation a tingling feeling he often felt ...

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  • Easy Does It (Part 3)

    Many punters who don't have the time, or the inclination, to go through the sometimes challenging process of drawing up a priceline on a race, might like to consider the approach of a friend of ...

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  • Odds Alert (Part 2)

    There are many ways by which you can turn a field of horses into a field of horses PLUS estimated 'true' prices. There are mechanical ways and 'instinctive' ways.In this article, I'll be looking at ...

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  • Value Attack

    Ratings, though some scoff at them, are a terrific way of placing a value on each runner in a race. A second way to get a race completely in focus is to assign a price to each runner.But compiling a ...

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