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  • July 11 Pensioner Plan Selections

    PLAN ASandown 1-1-11-2-5-1-4-2Randwick 2-3-1-4-6-6-2-1Toowoomba 5-7-12-3-2-12-2-3Belmont 3-6-3-2-9-1-1-6Morphettville 2-2-4-2-3-9-11-4REVISED PENSIONER PLANSandown HEAVYRace 7 No. 4 BritomartRandwick ...

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  • July 10 System rules should not be tampered with

    System rules must be obeyed to the nth letter of the law otherwise it no longer remains a system and instead becomes a selection process. This all quite subtle but I am sure you can see the ...

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  • July 9 Statistics available

    The first two weeks of the Wildcat selections and staking plan (June 13 and June 20) are available for you to peruse with comments as the bet sizes rose as well as a final series of comments.AlsoALL ...

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  • Where did Sunday go?

    It is amazing how a continual barrage of other "things" blocks access to horseracing matters which is where I have found myself this weekend. After a last minute rush to Bendigo Saturday ...

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  • July 4 Pensioner Plan Selections

    Plan ARosehill 1-4-3-5-3-3-8-2Flemington 2-4-4-1-9-5-2-4EagleFarm 4-3-2-2-4-1-12-3-6Morphettville 1-7-2-2-3-1-3-10Belmont Park 1-3-4-7-1-1-10-13Plan CRosehill:Slow7Race 5 No 3 Bay WindowRace 8 No 2 ...

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  • June 28 Revised Pensioner PlanStars

    Well, wasn't yesterday a breath of fresh air for the Pensioner Plan with the Revised Pensioner Plan starting off with six bets for 4 collects totaling 10.8 units. Although Journey was a recommended ...

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  • June 27 Pensioner Plan Selections

    Pensioner Plan AFlemington 12-3-1-2-8-15-8-4Rosehill 1-1-5-4-4-5-4-4-8Belmont 4-2-4-3-1-13-2-7Sun Coast 6-4-1-17-3-7-10-8-2-14-11-11Morphettville 6-2-1-1-5-4-6-1Pensioner Plan CFlemington Race 3 - 1 ...

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  • Pensioner Plan C Rules

    To formulate a worthwhile system involves adhering to some basic principles based around form, fitness ,distance , class and track conditions. The following rules are tough and should address these ...

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  • June 21 Pensioner Plan Update

    What a whirlwind fortnight for the Target Betting experiment. What I thought would take a bit longer, that is, a really bad run, descended upon us like a swarm of locusts. After a completely ...

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