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  • Profit by Points

    This article attempts to show the use of the point to replace the dollar concept in your betting strategy. We consider some very basic but serious reflections on betting technique, then ask why we ...

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  • Grade 'Em Right

    The simple things in life are often the ones we tend to ignore. It's the same with betting. Too often, too many of us try too hard to maximise profits and end up losing out because we forgot the ...

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  • Go for Growth

    Do you have an investment plan for your betting? If you're like most punters, then the answer is no. It is something you should think about seriously. There are a number of avenues you can follow. One ...

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  • Pick the Pattern (Part 2)

    Last month I promised to design a year's hypothetical staking plan, an example for you that would restrict your betting on poor days and increase it on the better days, according to your wishes.The ...

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  • Strategic Choice (Part 1)

    This series on long-term strategies will help you finish up well in front.Why throw away a percentage of your betting bank every year on hopeless causes? We have some suggestions as to how your whole ...

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  • Extra Edge (Part 4)

    Little bits of information taken individually they may not amount to much, but put them together in a mass and it could be a vastly different story.The aim of this series has been to bring together a ...

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  • Juicy Bits (Part 3)

    So far in this series, we have published a range of snippets covering many aspects of betting and selection, all culled from back issues of Firepower newsletter.The segments were compiled by various ...

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  • Bite Size (Part 2)

    Last month I revealed some of he excellent 'snippets' of information gleaned from the pages of the weekly newsletter Firepower, in its section called How To Bet Comer.Hundreds of these 'bite size' ...

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  • Cure the Errors!

    Let's talk ways of betting. How to put the 'dosh' on the tips! It's such an important facet of racing and betting that we really can't talk enough about it. And there are so many errors made by ...

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  • Little Gems! (Part 1)

    It's often the 'snippets' of information we remember best when we think about all the various aspects of form. In recent times I've helped collate small items for Firepower newsletters and from the ...

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