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  • Adapt to the New Patterns

    In Picking Winners: a Horseplayer’s Guide, Andrew Beyer discusses his meeting with Steve Davidowitz, a young punter, while sitting on a bench near a paddock at Saratoga Racetrack. After a discussion ...

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  • Andy and the Killer Protest (Part 2)

    In this final article into the early punting career of legendary US punter Andrew Beyer we find him, prior to the 1977 Gulfstream Park season, buried in stacks of old, yellowing copies of the Daily ...

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  • The Beyer Prescription (Part 1)

    Recently I decided to cull the collection of racing books and booklets I have scattered around my home, one of the reasons being that I was beginning to need training for a jumping career to hop over ...

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  • Beyer on Betting

    Two of the great names in American and world racing are Barry Meadow and Andy Beyer. Meadow is regarded as the No. 1 guru of handicappers, and Beyer is the man who developed the successful Beyer ...

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  • Beyer - The Pro with a Wild Touch

    America's best-known punter Andy Beyer failed to beat Australian racing, but he remains one of the most influential figures in international racehorse betting. He's the "ideal" success story for ...

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  • Beyer's Blues

    In the United States, they say no-one writes with more authority and verve on horse-racing than Andy Beyer. We've had a look ourselves at some of Beyer's thoughts on and advice about racing and ...

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