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  • Exacta Science

    A professional punter I know reckons the trifecta remains the best way to get big profits on Australian racing, but he says the exacta runs a close second.He warns, though, that “exacta science” is ...

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  • It's a real exacta science

    While the quinella remains a favourite bet with Aussie punters, its close relative, the exacta, is making ground and becoming more popular every year.Exacta betting was a late starter on the TABs. For ...

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  • Quinnela Capers (Part 3)

    Betting the exotics is something 99 out of 100 punters do every raceday. Quinellas, trifectas and, in some areas, exactas are increasingly popular. They are just as popular in other countries.American ...

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  • Make Your Luck (Part 2)

    Alf Sorbillo, an American punter who made a fortune betting on the Californian races in the 50s and 60s, used to tell anyone who asked for the secret of his success: "I made my own luck.By this, ...

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  • We're Not Gamblers (Part 1)

    Ask any professional punter if he's a gambler and he'll say NO! Most punters look on themselves as business people. They see their bets as investments. They set long-term goals, and they try to run a ...

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  • Exacta Extras

    Professional punters who once scoffed at quinellas as a 'serious ' method of wagering are changing their tune now that exactas are becoming the 'in thing', especially on the NSW TAB.They say exactas ...

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