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  • Emission - Top Rated at 50/1

    As a longtime follower of PPM’s Class and Assessments horses, I was delighted when Emission scored recently at 50/1 in the BTC Sprint at Doomben.As no doubt many PPM readers will know, Emission was ...

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  • Percentages Perfection

    The fundamentals of betting to percentages continue to plague many punters, specially newcomers to the betting game. I suppose that an education in betting via the tote machine doesn't do much for ...

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  • Streamline Those Race Ratings (Part 2)

    Whatever ratings method you employ, I'm sure that as time goes by you will be constantly reviewing it. I know several professionals who never stop changing aspects of their ratings approach.This is ...

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  • Betting - It's a Serious Business

    Most Thursday nights, after a long day in the trenches in my day job and after about three hours of form work for the Perth races, I have the need to find something less pressure packed to do. The ...

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  • Win Strike Rate

    How often has someone said, “I wish I could back more winners!” to you? I know it’s been a remark made to me many, many times. I’ve said it myself again and again.Winning at racing, however, ...

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  • Chart Your Path to Profits

    If you are a punter who does not keep a record of all your selections, and the prices of the selections, you will always be in the dark as to the reality of your results.It's imperative (at least once ...

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  • The Escalator Escape

    A planned form of betting does not appeal to a lot of punters. They feel restricted and frustrated because of the need to adhere to a set of strict rules. I have an open mind. There ire approaches ...

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  • Follow the Price

    Betting percentage plans have been talked about for decades now. We've talked often about the 5 per cent and 10 per cent plans, whereby you bet to those percentages of your bank.The percentages may ...

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