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  • Staking a Claim (Part 2)

    One of America's brightest young professional punters, Lee Rousso, has a simple plan of attack for new or struggling punters who want to transform themselves into competent selectors and ...

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  • Starry-Eyed! (Part 1)

    Recently, some of the P.P.M. writers got together for a 'talk-fest' to try to pinpoint some fresh betting ideas. The marble rolled out for me to compile an article based on our discussions, which ...

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  • Knockout Kelly!

    Much research has been done into staking and selection systems, but quite obviously - as many punters will attest still not enough to make racing a safe and reliable business!As has been stated in ...

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  • Staking Secrets (Part 3)

    In this, the final of a three-part series, Heale Yardley looks at how to grade races according to their predictability so as to offer a means for determining relative bet sizes from one race to ...

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  • Payout Promises! (Part 5)

    In the final part of our special series, Jon Hudson updates some of the ingenious staking and selection methods complied by himself and The Optimist and published in Banker Weekly.I can think of no ...

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  • Staking Secrets (Part 2)

    In this, the second of a three-part series, Heale Hartley continues his in-depth look at staking plans and makes some interesting conclusions about a variety of staking plans and concepts.Before ...

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  • 5 Paths to Riches!

    The key to successful punting lies not only in picking winners and backing them-but in backing them properly. I've tried to stress this vital message from the first issue of P.P.M. Hopefully, some of ...

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  • Profits from Patience (Part 3)

    In the third article in our series featuring the best staking and selection plans from Banker Weekly, our expert The Optimist writes this month about some of his favourite staking ideas. In next ...

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  • All Systems Go! (Part 2)

    In the second article in our series, The Best of Banker Weekly, regular PPM contributor Jon Hudson re-examines some  of the great selection methods he has unveiled in Banker Weekly  in the past 12 ...

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  • Staking Your Claim! (Part 1)

    For a year now, Banker Weekly has been publishing some of the very best staking and selection methods ever produced in Australia. Now, PPM readers have the chance to take advantage of the Banker ...

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