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  • Find the True Favs

    Over the years I have taken various positions in debates about favourites and the efficacy of backing them on a consistent basis. I am more and more drawn to the idea that there are ways ...

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  • 6 Points to Profits (Part 2)

    A friend said to me recently, 'What's all the fuss over this 6-Point staking plan? Is it any good?' I told him the fuss was over the fact that it could inject some excitement into one's betting, ...

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  • Go For Those Magic Multiples (Part 2)

    In this series of articles, Denton Jardine and The Optimist chat about ideas for successful trifecta betting. As the series continues, we will also be bringing you the ideas of various experts from ...

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  • 10 Ideas for Trifecta Profits (Part 1)

    The late Don Scott once wrote that the best form of exotic betting is the trifecta. I think he was right. Don said picking a trifecta winning bet was a test of skill rather than a game of chance. ...

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  • The $100 Attack (Part 2)

    In Part 1 of this series, I unveiled four staking plans. They were aimed at giving you action and excitement above and beyond using level stakes.

    We now come to the final plan. It’s ...

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  • Plan of the Month

    Happy Families is not just a card game. Some people would say that a happy family is the basis of a successful life. Well, I have been playing around with a staking plan and today it suddenly looked ...

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  • Hot Pot Delights (Part 4)

    In the latest feature in our continuing series featuring the Best of Banker Weekly,  Jon Hudson looks at some  of the exciting staking and selection methods that  have been published in Banker ...

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  • Check Out the Vital Fourth Point (Part 2)

    This is the second part of the final article written by the UK expert Philip Alexander shortly before his sudden death earlier this year. Philip was regarded as one of Britain's top experts on betting ...

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  • The Punt Master

    One of racing's perpetual debates is on the worth of staking plans - do or don't they enhance a punter's selections by improving profits over those at level stakes.Practical Punting Monthly over the ...

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  • Try The Basics - Plus Flair

    Get the basics right and half the job is done. Sounds good, right? Yes, it does, but what are the basics?Everyone has a slightly different idea. Class, form, fitness make up a threesome of basics. ...

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