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  • Small Bets - Big Wins!

    Sick and tired of betting race to race and never getting anywhere? Feel frustrated by the fact that your 'bank' is always too small to make significant gains? Feel as if you are fighting a losing ...

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  • The Big Test

    Knowing how to bet is something that occupies the minds of even the slickest of punters around the world. Each has his own idea about the best way to proceed.There are those who advocate extreme ...

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  • Level Best! (Part 1)

    A friend once told me that many years of betting had taught him one thing: Never bet progression unless you can make a profit betting level stakes, and have a selection plan that returns a high ...

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  • The Safety First Plan (Part 2)

    This is the second article in Richard Hartley Jnr's three part series on great staking plans. Last issue he introduced, the Rising One Per Cent Plan. Now Richard reveals details of the. Back-Up-Bank ...

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  • Multi-Link Marvel! (Part 2)

    How prepared are we, as punters, to bet more than one horse per race? It's a question I pose to you very seriously because it's been my experience that most punters cannot handle such an approach.The ...

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  • Bold Bets (Part 1)

    Some years ago, research was done into the profitability of certain 'angles' of selections. Recently, I had time to expand that initial research. I think the results are most interesting. Like many ...

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  • Multiple Methods

    Any punter wanting to adopt a multiple-betting form of attack should remember that care is required - and so is modesty.The old saying 'small profits, quick returns' applies to this style of betting. ...

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  • Climb 'The Plateau'

    Special how-to-bet featureI think it's time to talk seriously about money management - in all its forms. It's a subject that holds wide differences of opinion; just ask your mate at the TAB, or even ...

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  • Trio Trick (Part 3)

    This is the third and final part in our series on the world's greatest staking plans. The approach featured is aimed at those bettors who want to back three horses per race on a race-by-race ...

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  • Days of Glory (Part 2)

    Glancing back through the pages of P.P.M. since its inception in April, 1985, I never cease to be surprised at the wealth of information they have contained. It wasn't a hard task to find any number ...

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