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  • Who Makes the Odds?

    In this article, our senior contributor E. J. Minnis replies to queries sent in by PPM readers. Please send any questions to: The Editor, PPM, PO Box 551, Dee Why, NSW 2099.I remember when I bought my ...

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  • Five of a Kind

    "Don't spray 'em, mate," might well be the advice of a seasoned bettor to a raw novice entering the betting fray for the first time. And what might he mean by that? Simple - the pro is telling the ...

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  • Professionals Who Bet By Instinct (Part 2)

    I thought we'd take time out to pause and reflect in this part of my series on staking. I'll be discussing further ideas next month but for now let's think about NOT staking in a systematic ...

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  • The Art of Clever Staking (Part 1)

    Winning at racing is all about finding out something that the other bloke doesn't know about, or finding an angle on staking that will boost your profitable edge.Those who tread the same track as ...

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  • Plan of the Month

    This month we again feature a reader's plan. Brian Hipper is no stranger to these pages, and he has cooked up a couple of staking plans that readers will no doubt be very happy to investigate and ...

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  • Tipster Testing

    Target betting versus level stakes betting? How do you think each betting approach would fare against the other? I posed the question to a pal of mine and he reckoned level stakes would win out most ...

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  • Staking Buster

    Find something new to say about staking," the editor challenged me. Believe me, it's a challenge. So much has been written in PPM about staking and money management that it seems we've already covered ...

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  • How Much to Bet?

    The other day, I was among a group of punters at a TAB agency in Sydney. One of them told us how he fancied a certain horse, and was super confident it would win. Then he added: "I don't know how much ...

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  • 3 Great Staking Plans (Part 1)

    What better way to kick off the spring than with the decision to get your betting 'house' in order? Spring clean away all those silly betting habits of many years! Bring in a new order! Decide to ...

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  • How to Become Seriously Rich!

    Boldness be my friend. Someone used this, as I recall, as the title of a novel about the second world war. It aptly sums up what an average punter needs to have as a friend if he has any chance at all ...

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