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  • Measure those Weight Factors

    In this article, provided by the respected UK website Flatstats (, some pertinent points are made about the effects of weight on racehorses. The article refers to British racing ...

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  • Solving the weight riddle

    It was very refreshing to read Ynez Ybarbo's two articles in the July and August issues of Practical Punting Monthly. Early in her first article, Ynez mentions Andrew Beyer, one of the gurus of US ...

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  • Weight moves raise queries (Part 2)

    In this article, freelance writer Ynez Ybarbo completes her special two-part report, with some very surprising conclusions.Of course, the better horses usually carry the higher weights, and one ...

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  • How much does weight count? (Part 1)

    I have been involved in horseracing, in one form or another, for many years. In my early twenties, while working as a newspaper reporter based in London, England, I had a friend who was a ...

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  • Kilos Clues

    Racing and betting is all about 'the angle', right? We're all looking for a new angle on an old theme? Too rightSometimes we think we've found THE angle, but time takes its toll and the angle that ...

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