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  • Assess Those Last Start Wins

    Many systems have a rule which states, “the horse must have won its last start”. This month we’ll examine this aspect of the winners of 660 races and see whether the rule is sound. We’ll also include ...

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  • Winners...and Why They Win Again

    There are many ways of looking at a last start winner. The principal thought that goes through my mind when I see this “1” against a horse’s name is that it automatically qualifies for a second look. ...

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  • Winning Form - But is it Good?

    First question this month comes from Dean Gardner from Melbourne, who writes: I'm a young stud who's only just got into racing, mainly due to attending Oaks Day at Flemington last year and finding ...

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  • The Guest Column

    Many last-start winners win again and one region potential profit source: Perth!WA racing has always displayed a certain level of consistency. The track ratings are nearly always fast, and, with only ...

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