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  • Making Magic with the Multiples

    Mathematics is not necessary for this to be followed. There you are, we got that out of the way and it didn’t hurt a bit. If you can add up (just the basics, not Einstein-style) and if you can ...

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  • When Worlds Collide on Staking the Money (Part 1)

    INTERVIEW 1. THE VIEWS OF JON HUDSONLevel Staking Versus Progressive Staking: opposing theories of successful turf investment.Thanks a lot Jon, for making the time available for this extended ...

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  • Inject Value into the Action

    Neil Davis is one of NZ’s leading form analysts. He runs the website.If you want to bet like a professional then I strongly suggest you use this staking plan. If you want to have any ...

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  • Can You Really Trust In Level Stakes?

    The argument is as old as racing. Should you bet level stakes or progressive? If your answer is the former, then that’s easy. There’s little more to do. You just front up, and you have your bet on ...

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  • Try The Basics - Plus Flair

    Get the basics right and half the job is done. Sounds good, right? Yes, it does, but what are the basics?Everyone has a slightly different idea. Class, form, fitness make up a threesome of basics. ...

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  • Go For Those Magic Multiples (Part 2)

    In this series of articles, Denton Jardine and The Optimist chat about ideas for successful trifecta betting. As the series continues, we will also be bringing you the ideas of various experts from ...

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  • 10 Ideas for Trifecta Profits (Part 1)

    The late Don Scott once wrote that the best form of exotic betting is the trifecta. I think he was right. Don said picking a trifecta winning bet was a test of skill rather than a game of chance. ...

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  • Reverse Staking Does the Trick (Part 2)

    I had a few letters from readers after last month’s article in this series, and one of them, Paul from Jindabyne, asked about “reverse progression” and whether it held out any hope for the punter who ...

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  • Hit With Singles and Doubles (Part 1)

    In this series, Damien Whitchurch examines a wide -range of ideas for staking and system betting. Damien has been writing for PPM since the late 1980s and has been betting professionally most of that ...

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  • Plan of the Month

    Happy Families is not just a card game. Some people would say that a happy family is the basis of a successful life. Well, I have been playing around with a staking plan and today it suddenly looked ...

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