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  • Educating The Punting

    Isn’t it fantastic when this time of the racing year comes around? There are so many great races on the calendar, and everybody’s got lots of opinions. March and April ooze quality, and I don’t mean ...

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  • Plan of the Month

    Here’s a plan I played with whilst I was seeking out a challenge for Statsman’s The Dark Horse 2006. It can be used on any good system, although I really did design it for The Dark Horse 2006. If you ...

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  • The Day By Day Plan

    In racing, and betting, patience often pays off. Patient trainers wait for the right races, patient punters, too, wait for the right races in which to bet.How patient are you? If you’re impatient, ...

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  • Set the Target and Use the Progression

    I received a dozen letters from PPM readers in the last month or two, and all bar two of them related to staking. This didn’t really surprise me.I know from all my dealings and friendships with ...

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  • Betting to Beat the Odds On-Shots (Part 2)

    In this series, we're looking at a collection of systems that you may consider gold or simply fool's gold! They come from various sources and I feel that each deserves some amount of ...

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  • 10 Systems for Action-Hungry Punters (Part 1)

    In the world of racing, nothing is really new. Well, that’s what THEY say, and we know how much THEY know about everything!As far as systems go, there’s always something new popping up. Good or bad, ...

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  • The View From the USA

    Hello to all my friends in Australia and wherever this magazine finds you.Many of you already know of me because of the Portfolio concept which I provided for Equestrian (and which, I am pleased to ...

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  • The Bank Builder

    Building up a bankroll is one tough task! Ask any punter.It's easy enough to get your startup bank but it's another thing altogether to build on the bank.This is because racing is no business for the ...

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  • Double Whammy

    Show me an average handicapper who bets well and I'll show you a winner; show me a good handicapper who bets poorly and I'll show you a loser! No, I can't claim this as being an original thought. ...

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  • Twin Dynamite

    Back in the 1950s, an American named Jack Bradley was a key figure in US horse-racing media. Bradley wrote regularly for the Turf & Sport Digest.He was a man who liked to offer as much help as he ...

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