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  • Doubles Dynamite

    Some of my biggest wins in racing have come from backing doubles. At one stage in my betting career I more or less bet doubles to the exclusion of other forms of betting.For various reasons, including ...

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  • Brisbane Banter

    It was sad to see trainer Rex Lipp pull the pin on Star Shiraz's spring campaign in Melbourne. But it was the right thing to do.The Sequalo 3yo filly went to Melbourne carrying high hopes of making a ...

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  • Go For the 4/1 Double

    I have had correspondence in recent months from readers wanting some ideas on how best to go about betting on doubles. It’s certainly a topic that has always interested me. Some of my best collects ...

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  • Twin Terror

    I know punters who are 'daily double' addicts. They can't help themselves. It doesn't matter on which races the TAB operates a double, these addicts will pour on the money. I said to one of them ...

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  • Pick the Banker

    Two pieces of advice were given to me once by a British backer who had made quite a successful career out of betting on horse-racing.For a start, he said, concentrate on doubles, and find yourself a ...

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  • Double Dare

    I've always held to the belief that if you are going to take a double then make sure you include a favourite in at least one leg. Sometimes it may cruel a dividend, but it will ensure you don't ...

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  • Direct Hit Doubles (Part 2)

    In the second article in this series, Jon Hudson looks at doubles betting, and other forms of exotic bets, using information contained in Malcolm Knowles" book The Good Betting & Racing Guide, which ...

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  • Odds Edge (Part 1)

    "There is only one way to attack doubles," the old pro said to me back in the late '70s. Find your main chances, no more than three in a leg, price them as best you can, and bet the value."I knew he ...

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  • Double Your Luck

    Action on doubles betting offers the small punter a good chance of reaping big rewards; without much of the agony involved in trifecta betting. I've always been a fan of doubles, possibly because when ...

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  • The Grand Slam

    In this special article on doubles, Martin Dowling reveals an ingenious betting approach, and unveils a terrific ‘nomograph' chart which instantly indicates how much doubles will pay. Show me a punter ...

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