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  • Mudlark Mysteries!

    Slow and heavy tracks are s proven great levellers in racing. A million-dollar son of Danehill can be languishing back near last while the horse by the $1500 sire (who cost $3000 at the yearling ...

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  • Punter Mudlarks

    Rain. There may be bigger issues in racing but I can't think of one. Remember Guys And Dolls, and that famous line from the Fugue for Tinhorns:"Of course it all depends if it rained last night." He ...

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  • Don't Go Slow when it's Heavy

    A lot of punters steer clear of most winter racing, having a rule to bet only when the track is rated good or better but, in doing so, I believe they miss many opportunities to back winners at prices ...

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  • Mud Magic

    In this special feature, Melbourne writer Paul Segar takes an in-depth look at winter racing, delving into wet-track speed factors, how varying track ratings affect performances and how ...

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  • Heavy Going

    Prepare yourself for the winter! As you read this in the merry month of April, the sun may well be shining. In a couple of months it's far more likely to be cold and wet (well, maybe only a bit wet in ...

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  • The Battle of the Winter Winners!

    Only a few years ago it was often a difficult, if not impossible, task for punters to determine whether certain horses could handle rain-affected ground. There was a virtual reliance on the 'w' and ...

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  • Mud Glorious Mud!

    Winter is the time of the wet tracks. Now I know that this is hardly profound, but it is also a time when many professional punters go to bed and hibernate. In recent years, there have been examples ...

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  • Danger! Wet Tracks

    With winter upon us, and wet tracks prevalent in many areas of Australia, PPM's Martin Dowling takes a look at the problems and pitfalls of punting when the going is rain-affected. Most top ...

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  • Winter Winners

    With winter upon us, the state of the going at racetracks all around Australia will play its usual crucial role in determining the outcome of races. With this article, you will find a list of horses ...

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