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  • The Challenge of the 2YO's

    In another of my articles this month, I issued a general warning about getting too deeply involved in the Cups’ season, which only lasts from beginning to end maybe three weeks maximum. This is ...

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  • The Rules for Slipper Success

    Can we use a method of deducing the winner of the Golden Slipper using a carefully defined set of rules? I think we can.These rules should apply not just for this year, but for any year. Having ...

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  • Strike with the Polls

    A friend of mine has a theory, and he claims that it works out in practice. It's to do with 2yo racing.His theory is that with the youngsters the tipsters' polls are your best guide to winners."It ...

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  • Banking on the 2yo Babies

    Come early October and we'll all be getting excited again as the new season two-year-olds start to hit the metropolitan racetracks.Remember 2003? The venue was Randwick on October 4 and the race was ...

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  • Form Chart for 2YO's

    Serious 2yo racing usually kicks off in late September/ early October every season. It’s when we get the first look at the juveniles who may turn out to be the superstars of the future.Just check back ...

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  • Hit with the Favs!

    We're off-with another round of 2yo. racing, and as usual it's full of promise and excitement, as well as the potential to produce another explosive champion. But what about 2yo. racing for the ...

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