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  • Pacesetters (Part 2)

    One of Melbourne's top professional form students concludes his two-part series on pace characteristics in racing, talking about how races are run and the general racing styles of ...

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  • Going for the Fast Lane (Part 1)

    One of Melbourne's top professional form students contributes this two-part series to PPM In it, he discusses in detail the various characteristics of racing how races are run and the general racing ...

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  • Pace Makes the Race

    In this article I will be explaining how race times, in conjunction with my par time tables, can be put to very good use by both non-time and time handicappers alike: the tables for metro tracks for ...

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  • Solving the Replication Code

    Probably my most pleasurable pastime would be an afternoon at the track with fellow racing enthusiasts, exchanging views on the day’s racing and discussing the merit of one another’s selections over ...

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  • 'Speed' Leeds to the Winners

    In the December 2005 edition of PPM, I wrote an article which attacked one of racing’s most time honored core values, the issue of weights and how it impacted on form analysis. The essence of the ...

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  • Use the 600m Times to Find Winners

    Kiwi journalist Neil Davis is regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading “speed” analysts. In this special article he gives us a special NZ angle on using sectional times. Neil has been a punter for 30 ...

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  • The Punt Master

    During the period I've been penning the Puntmaster column for Practical Punting Monthly, one of the side benefits has been the feedback from readers.Not all agree with me on some issues, and that's ...

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  • Sectionals - How to Profit from them

    Phil Purser edits the popular Just Racing website ( which features racing articles and an excellent ratings guide to wet weather sires.Sydney and Melbourne’s sectional times, in ...

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  • Early Pace Power Factors

    How many times have you seen a horse finish strongly to win, only to plod home as an unplaced favourite at its next run? What about the front-runner that defies all challengers in the straight one ...

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  • Topweights Determine The Weight Scales (Part 2)

    In Part 1 of this series, I explained the new ratings-based handicapping system as it will operate in New South Wales. This article will give an oversight into how the ratings-based handicapping ...

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