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  • Stewards Hand Out The Clues

    They are there in front of us every day. They hold the clues to winners. Why, then, do we consistently ignore them?I am, you may realise already, talking about stewards' reports. Yes, that 'old ...

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  • Stripes Shoot for $$ Glory

    As far back as I can remember, people have been telling me that much of the mystery of racing can be solved by reading the reports issued by the stewards. One pro punter I know refers to them as ...

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  • Steward Juice

    Answer this question honestly: How much notice do you take of stewards' reports? A lot? Not much? None? If you are like the majority of punters the answer will be none. I did a survey some months back ...

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  • Keep it Honest (Part 2)

    In this issue, Australia's most respected horse racing administrative official, Sydney's Chairman of Stewards, John Schreck, looks at the unusual protest system in Australia, plus some of the more ...

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  • Schreck Rules, OK! (Part 1)

    Ric Chapman interviews Sydney No. 1 Racing Lawman:Australia's most respected racing administrator, John Schreck, this month begins a comprehensive look at the rules that govern horseracing in ...

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  • Winners on Report

    How long since you bothered to read a stewards' report? If you're like most punters you never read them, and that's a great pity. Stewards' reports can be terrific guides to future winners. In these ...

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