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  • Perils of the Video Watcher

    Phil Purser edits the Just Racing website ( which contains a number of sections on various aspects of racing, including an excellent ratings guide to finding potential wet-track ...

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  • Strips For Action

    All involved in that never-ending war against 'the percentages' are constantly looking for the fresh angle. The angle that might turn the tide. This magazine, in fact, devotes much research time to ...

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  • Turn the Corner!

    It's easy these days to convince yourself that by looking at video replays and turn-and-finish photoform you can, suddenly, transform yourself into a winning punter. Oh that it were that easy!To win ...

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  • Form Your Own Guide (Part 2)

    For as long as Mark Shean can remember, he has been going to the races. His grandfather was the great jockey Fred Shean while Mark's father Jim also rode with success.As an eight-year-old, Mark Shean ...

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  • Winner Video! (Part 1)

    As a racing enthusiast, they don't come any keener or more qualified than Mark Shean. After all, the 32-year-old is grandson of the former great jockey Fred Shean, who, rode the 1938 Caulfield ...

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