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  • To Stay or Not to Stay!

    Which is preferable? Round about the first Tuesday in every November, even the most hardened “sprinter bettors” in Australia probably break their rule for one particular race, and it’s probably just ...

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  • Probe that Distance Win Factor

    One of the many reasons the average punter loses money at the racetrack is an inability to rigorously assess the distance ability of the horses they are going to back.Knowing that Makybe Diva can run ...

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  • The Tyranny of Distance

    A very now and again I find myself wondering about some of the so-called “experts” in the racing game. The most recent example came with the voting for Horse of the Year. Makybe Diva was, of course, ...

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  • Torn Between Two Worlds!

    When it comes to sprint or staying races, how do we decide which is the better medium or maybe which offers the better chances for punters? One way of examining the overall situation is to have a look ...

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  • Watch Your Pocket

    How much money should you take to the races with you? That may seem like a simple question, but it's a moot point for many punters.

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