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  • Quinella Wagering

    During twenty years of betting on racetracks on three continents, this system has proved one of the most satisfactory for continuous consecutive investment on a designated wagering 'quinella' pool. ...

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  • Two Out of Four Ain't Bad!

    You’ll never find your gold on a sandy beachYou’ll never drill for oil on a city streetI know you’re looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks But there ain’t no coupe de ville hiding at the bottom of ...

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  • Quinellas Still a Top Bet

    One of the oldest methods of racehorse investment is the quinella. It’s a lot older than you and I, and it makes a lot of sense. Recently I was going over my past year’s investments, and I was ...

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  • Quin Hits

    Although they are extremely popular, quinellas are probably the least understood of all the exotic bets. Many canny professionals make a living from quinellas, while the average punter loses his money ...

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  • Quinella Back-up Slammer

    Those punters who enjoy backing at level stakes for the win usually have a lot of fun. Some may win a few percent on their turnover during a year, most will lose a little. It all depends, naturally, ...

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  • Play Safe with Quinellas

    My firm advice to anyone wanting to 'play safe' with their betting is to think of the dual attack of level stakes win betting plus 'saver' quinella bets.For the small-bet punter, such an approach ...

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  • Quinellas

    This month we are going to move away from the usual selection plans and take a look at staking methods. In particular, we will be looking at quinellas this month and trifectas next month.This month's ...

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  • Slay the Quin

    It's amazing, isn't it, how punters all around the world can't seem to get enough of quinella betting. In fact, quinella's offshoot, the exacta, is just as popular in many countries, particularly the ...

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  • Ploy to Beat the Quinella (Part 2)

    One of the basic truths about quinella betting is that you will rarely get a 'value' dividend when striking the quinella with longer-priced horses. The statistics show that these combinations usually ...

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  • Zero in on Big Q (Part 1)

    Betting on the quinella has always been popular with Australian punters, and these days there is a decided finesse in the way some punters go about it.Spearheaded by the Don Scott exotic betting ...

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