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  • Plan of the Month

    I had something else planned for this month’s Plan of the Month, but it will have to wait until next month. That’s because I became intrigued by the fascinating article written by P.B. King (pages 4–5 ...

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  • Crush the Quadrella!

    The quadrella had its “birth” in Victoria but in more recent years has spread TAB-wide. It remains one of the best opportunities for nabbing a large collect for a relatively small outlay.It is a ...

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  • Flex Your Quaddie Attack

    Have today’s astute form analysts become a little too smart for their own good? I think so.In terms of acquiring frequent value, they have become victims of their own knowledge. Databases, video form, ...

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  • Quadrella Certainty

    I have been playing around with the quadrella lately, seeking a way of breaking the cost back, whilst not losing sight of the main objective, which is to WIN it. It’s easy to cut back too far, and ...

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  • Secrets of the Quadrella

    Coming from Victoria, I originally found it hard to understand what all the fuss was about when the Quadrella (Quaddie) was introduced by TAB Ltd into New South Wales.Surfing some of the racing ...

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