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  • The Formula Fightback

    In the July issue of  PPM the previously “mysterious” formula betting was de-mystified quite substantially with a series of examples which I am positive will have helped all readers in their ...

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  • Mix Up the Winning Formula

    Recently, I reflected on how betting options have increased for the keen punter since I began my punting odyssey way back in 1967. By far the greatest volume of betting, as I remember, revolved around ...

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  • Plan Of The Month

    With the New Year coming up fast, we need to take stock of things and look at the obvious. I think one of the most obvious aspects of our racing game is the place all-up bet.It must be the greatest ...

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  • Plunge On The Parlay

    A parlay combines all your selections in all possible ways. Individual doubles, or trebles, or even quadrellas and quintellas (five) remain as single bets.  Every unit that makes up the parlay is its ...

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  • Handicapping - A New Era

    The past few years have seen many changes to racing. It seems that hardly a month goes by without further ones being introduced in one form or another. Last year saw changes made to the structure of ...

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  • Place your bets

    One thing is sure where place betting is concerned: The punter who likes to bet this way cannot be guaranteed which way the dividends are likely to go. Sometimes you will get a poor dividend, other ...

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  • Three's a Crowd

    If you ever despair of making a big 'strike' with your betting, then take heart, if only for the fact that there are many other punters just like you. Some go their entire betting lives without ...

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  • Plan of the Month

    Sometimes, as you know, we come up with a simple plan that has a set of results. Sometimes we come up with a thought, a suggestion, an idea. That's what this page is all about, a two-way process ...

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  • Parlay Blow!

    Parlay betting! It arouses all sorts of reactions whenever it's mentioned. There are many who say you can't win with parlay betting, especially when you are going for three or four winners in a ...

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  • Chain Gang

    It's been called the bettor's 'chain gang' but that, I feel, is being unkind, not only to the plan I am about to unveil, but also to those punters to whom conservatism in betting comes ...

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