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  • Battle Lines

    So, you have a list of horses to follow and you are racking your brains for a staking plan to apply. What do you do to inject your betting with an air of excitement and the chance to land some ...

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  • Stake Your Claim

    Three words should be written down in any punter's notebook: EFFECTIVE MONEY STRATEGY. Frankly, without it, you are lost. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but eventually - no matter how many winners you ...

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  • Creative Dollars

    As racing becomes an ever harder game from which to profit at conservative level stakes, increasing numbers of punters are trying to devise 'fresh' ways to bet. They are the punters who, by careful ...

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  • The Safety Net

    Years ago, it was a common practice among serious punters, including most professionals, to support more than one horse in a race. Today, the practice has become less of an integral part of the ...

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  • Tipster Tricks (Part 4)

    Let me deal, firstly, with one of the simplest possible examples of using both tipsters and the pre-post betting market. This is a relatively simple technique and it will probably allow you to move on ...

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  • Power Figs (Part 3)

    Sixty per cent of all races are won by well-backed horses. I don't think anyone will disagree with this claim. If it is, indeed, correct, and I have no reason to doubt it, there does not seem to be ...

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  • Number Crunch (Part 2)

    Last issue, I wrote about the idea of 'converging factors' in planning your betting. In this second article, I am taking the idea a stage further, stressing again the importance of dealing in ...

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  • Converging Clout (Part 1)

    There are plenty of approaches to betting on horses. Most of them are well worn. But my basic idea will travel one that is not so worn. In fact, it begets entirely new methods. Some will say that ...

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  • Path of Success

    Any staking plan needs three major requirements. The first is that it has to be used with a system with a reasonable chance of winning. This is not as silly as it may first seem.Some punters come up ...

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  • Backup Beauty!

    There are many punters around who like to stick to a staking plan, but who prefer to fiddle around with their actual bets. In other words, they want the type of bet to be made to be left to their own ...

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