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  • Across the Great Divide

    As a final weapon in my betting armoury over the last decade or so, have used the target staking method known as the 6-Point Divisor Plan. It has worked exceptionally well, due suppose to the fact ...

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  • Chasing that Winning Routine (Part 2)

    Last month I went on a bit of a nostalgia trip in regards to the famous/infamous Royal Routine system, which basically needs the selections of as many newspaper tipsters as possible for it to be ...

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  • Rediscovering the Royale Routine (Part 1)

    When I first became interested in horseracing I was in my last year at Secondary College wayyyyy back in 1967 and when I could afford it I would buy a copy of The Sportsman, which I still do twice a ...

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  • The Divisor Safety Plan (Part 2)

    In the last issue of PPM, I went through what could only have been the most brutal set of figures imaginable to illustrate what would happen to a punter who started betting on the Target Betting plan ...

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  • Taking Aim at the Target (Part 1)

    The ruination of most punters when applying a staking plan, usually revolves around an incorrect mixture of expectation and realism.The expectation is that they will pick winners on a fairly regular ...

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  • Conservatism Wins the Vote (Part 2)

    In Part 1 of this series where I commenced a review on staking plans, which I termed the Practical Punting Monthly Staking Plan Challenge, I presented two staking methods that did not quite meet the ...

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  • Rapid Recovery

    Recovering losses is something that worries all punters. Get too far behind and the prospect of trying to recoup becomes a mountain of problems.We’ve talked in PPM over many years about various plans ...

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  • The Great Staking Challenge (Part 1)

    Many attest that there are some fundamental principles in gambling, just as there are for life as a whole. For instance, as there are no exceptions to the law of gravity in physics, there are also ...

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  • "Steady Drip" Gives it a Go

    One of the most discussed topics in magazines such as the Practical Punting Monthly and on the numerous racing forums on the Internet is on staking plans.Do they work or don’t they?In the main, those ...

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  • Marginal ... at 4/1

    Years ago, the story was told of a Victorian bookmaker who had been a steady winner over the years as a punter.He apparently bet to win $20 every race on which he went into action and, irrespective of ...

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