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  • The 'Mr Money' File (Part 1)

    In the first of a series of articles, P.P.M's George 'Barker' Bellfield unveils the private collection of systems compiled, over many years by one of Britain's most successful greyhound punters. ...

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  • Speed

    Speed-it's the main ingredient in greyhound racing. Sometimes, I feel, we place too much emphasis on speed and times, but I know there are many greyhound followers who claim it is the 'one and only' ...

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  • Climb Every Mountain

    Is it worth the time and trouble of studying greyhound racing form? Can the average punter simply follow tipsters or box numbers and make money? PPM's expert George 'Barker' Bellfield gives his view ...

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  • Pair 'Em Off

    The really keen punters who dabble with greyhound racing like to study form. If they are super-keen, they'll also attend the dog meetings and take note of greyhounds who perform well.I'm well aware, ...

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  • Box on to Success

    Understand greyhound form-and the world's your oyster. Well, so they say. But I do admit there's more than a hint of truth in the phrase.Too many punters back greyhounds on the strength of seeing ...

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  • Top Dog + Top Box = Top Bet

    Greyhound racing is probably the best system under which a punter in Australia can risk - or rather, invest - his hard earned dough. To my way of thinking there is nothing so good as a standout "good ...

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