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  • Check out the boxes (Part 1)

    In this special two-part series, we publish extracts from a new book on greyhound handicapping called Spots ‘N’ Blots by Peter Manti, an American form analyst. The second part of the extracts will ...

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  • Stucture Your Bets for more Profits

    “Bad Bill” McBride has done it again. He’s given yet another rejuvenating lift to greyhound racing literature with a new book that deserves to prove just as successful as others he has written.McBride ...

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  • The Honest Evaluation

    In this article, US greyhound analyst and author Dan Casey gives his insights into how punters can improve their betting approach. Casey has written many small books on greyhound racing.When ...

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  • Go for the Fast Breakers

    It’s a pleasure to take over from George Bellfield as the greyhound writer for PPM. I doubt I will be as prolific as George was in his 20 years but I will do my best to bring you some helpful ...

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  • Attack with the right attitude

    Dan Casey is the author of the best-seller Greyhound Money Management in the 90s, plus many other books on greyhound racing. His books are available from Internet bookshops.Your mental attitude is an ...

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  • Global Analysis

    We can learn a lot from greyhound analysts around the world. In my long time in the greyhound game I have derived many ideas from reading what others have to say.Pender Noriega is one of the great ...

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  • Form, Box and Odds Equal Winning Times

    In this Form Forum article, PPM editor Brian Blackwell and our longtime form analyst George "Barker" Bellfield discuss aspects of studying greyhound form, and come up with some ideas to help dog fans ...

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  • Be Ruthless and Draw the Line

    It is difficult to know how to go about eliminating greyhounds from a wager. You must decide which greyhound or greyhounds will not finish in the money.If you have a fairly accurate method of ...

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  • How Dan does the form - and the call

    In what now seems like another life back in the early 70s, I was one of those young punters who bet on almost anything, from pub pool, darts, football, cards, horse racing, greyhounds and what was ...

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  • Final Element (Part 2)

    Firstly, I want to thank those many readers who have contacted me following my Rapide Ratings article in the November 2004 PPM.It’s pleasing to know that greyhound fans among us were quick to put the ...

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