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  • The BF Factor in Racing

    Recently I selected Hunza's Ace to win for the Computer Service. He ran nowhere, but turned up the next Tuesday, still in town, and won at 7-2 after 9-2 was bet. I wasn't very impressed.It set me ...

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  • Hoorah for Hurdlers

    The problem, most people say, is that jumps races provide an added 'hurdle' for the punter-your horse may not reach the finish! So true-but how many times does, for example, the favourite fall, lose ...

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  • Double 'C' Favourites

    To back the favourite or not - it's a puzzle that punters run right into every meeting. And each time it's as hard to solve as it was the day before!You'll find that many selection systems put in the ...

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  • A Logical Explanation

    In last months issue of PPM,  Statsman and Brian Blackwell reported on some very strange statistics related to multiple betting races.Don Scott - one of the most highly respected names in racing ...

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  • Dealing with Dollars

    Why is it that punters who back favourites continue to take a pretty hefty beating at the races?It's worth really taking a close look at favourites, and betting on them. Firstly, we'll look at the ...

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