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  • Ballarat Bombshell

    They say that Ballarat is the best provincial track in Victoria, if not Australia, and that may well be true. But, if latest statistics are anything to go by, Ballarat has become a graveyard for ...

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  • The Hotpots Riddle

    In this article, Jon Hudson looks at the entire factor of the performance of favourites at the major metropolitan racing venues. His research contains much information from Malcolm Knowles' book The ...

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  • Avoid Risk-Win!

    Is there an easy way to avoid risk and win at punting? Are some punters more inclined to take risks than others, even to the point of knowing they will lose? In this special feature, PPM's Neale ...

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  • Smiles for Small Fields!

    How do favourites fare in small fields? PPM's Jon Hudson set out to find the answer with this special probe into small fields, posing the question: Can you pick winners more easily?I know a punter who ...

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  • Hitting Value Trebles

    Doubles, trebles, trifectas, first-4s . . . all these exotic type bets continue to attract money from Australia's punters. The reason is that they allow the punters who bet in small amounts the ...

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  • To Bet - or Not!

    To bet or not to bet, that is the question. In this article, Richard Hartley Jnr tells you all about betting on, favourites, and reveals the traps into which the unwary can fall. It's full of ...

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  • September Shock!

    Now do the Melbourne favourites perform in September? PPM's  expert Statsman has done some research and in this article reveals the facts. Be careful of backing favourites during September--except at ...

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  • Dreamy Maidens

    Much has been said-mostly negative about Maiden class races. The usual line of thinking is that you shouldn't touch them with the proverbial bargepole. Well, maybe so. The one fact we do know is that ...

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  • Two for the Road

    Some years ago, while holidaying for a lengthy period in France, I met a chap who made his money on the Paris races by following a two-horses-in-the-one-race approach.He told me that at Longchamps ...

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  • The Magic Key!

    What is the secret to backing favourites-and, in the long run, winning money on them? This is a question that will be asked for as long a time as there are racehorses being sent around a track! I ...

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