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System 28

System 28

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Major breakthrough, from one of Australia's most talented system developers, blows the form book apart!

70% Profit in Eight months


The inside story from the man himself


System 28 is a dynamically effective handicapping approach that smashes the form book to pieces – in one mighty step.


The search for an angle that will turn the tide! We’re all after it in racing, and especially those of us who like to dig deep into the form book.The problem with ‘angles’ is that some tend to be okay for a while - and then they take a wrong turning! Some however, prove just the opposite. They keep on performing, month after month, year after year.


There are certain basic factors that will stand us in good stead if we are relatively serious bettors. If we keep certain strong factors in mind we can put ourselves on the right path, with not too many silly and frustrating deviations along the way.


What we have to remember is that picking winners at the races is no easy matter. Handicapping is an art in itself. To my way of thinking, it’s not a science and never has been. My approach is to try to be as methodical as I can.


In this regard, I tend to closely follow certain guidelines. But not slavishly. The challenge of handicapping a race is always going to be an intellectual one. Your knowledge is matched against those of all the other punters at the track, and off-course.


It’s always said that good handicapping requires you to do pre-race study (if you’re serious about winning, that is). It’s vital, it’s claimed, because if you fail to assess a race fairly and squarely you’ll have no-one to blame but yourself if you back a loser.


I have always believed that to be a good handicapper you need to be firm and yet flexible. You have to make strong decisions but when you’re at the track you must be flexible enough to make a change or two if they’re needed. By this I mean you must have the capacity to change your plans if you see something on which you hadn’t reckoned with when doing the form assessments for a race. Changes in odds might affect your plans.


Bearing all this mind, I decided some time ago to switch tack. I wanted to cut out all those frustrating hours of study, all the going back and forth over the various formlines. 


I wanted to fly in a straight line - directly to my choice in a race, and I knew that to do this I would need to discover a ‘magic bullet’.


The path was never clear. I looked at and thoroughly tested a wide range of ideas but looking for an approach that incorporated just ONE basic rule was never going to be an easy assignment. Where does one start on such a venture? I began with research on horses with the saddlecloth #1. I then moved to #2 and so on but these proved fruitless. Incorporated with other factors the pursuit of saddlecloth numbers did offer some hope - but not all that much.


The #1 saddlecloth was best of them - but its problem was being OVERBET. It’s amazing how many punters will back that number saddlecloth! It does turn up the most winners but, alas, the prices returned do not add up to a profit - and there are losing runs to contend with that are often long and frustrating.


I looked at the betting market, at individual jockeys, at stables and distance winners. The list went on. Many offered some hope but didn’t quite fit the bill. 


And then I noticed something that intrigued me. It was an angle I had never really looked at before but I knew it had potential as soon as I put ‘2 and 2’ together - that being FORM and RECENCY OF RACEDAY ACTION.


Yes, basically it was that simple. Good form coupled with the recency of the formn meant a prime bet. A horse IN FORM and FIT.


The approach means that you can go through an entire day’s card in a matter of minutes to discover what selections there are. 


Thanks for the time to read what is behind my new handicapping approach.

Racing Analyst



The System28 approach is designed to give you a solid selection - a horse which is in form and which will be fit and ready.

The strength of the approach is that the selection process is aimed at locating horses that will be fit and well - and that it is racing in very good form.

Tested and perfected over thousands of races - the researched rules and results have evolved over thousands or races. The fundamentals were perfected, and then applied to the current racing year with very solid results.

The approach is really effective - even when all races are considered. My initial testing showed a strike rate of 25.12% over more than 200 selections with a level stakes profit of 14.3%.

But when used on certain sets of races the statistics were even better.

Just as an example: On Open handicaps there was a 70% level stakes profit and a win strike rate of 30.77%.

When applied to Group 1 and 2 races at set weights the outcome was a 37% profit with a win strike rate of 31.58%. 

Results Research Summary

Augsut 2013 - April 2014

Open Handicap Results Summary

Selections 39
Wins 12
Win Strike Rate 30.77 %
Dividend Return 66.30 units
Profit 27.30 units
Profit % 70.00 %


Set Weight Group 1 & 2

Selections 19
Wins 6
Win Strike Rate 31.58 %
Dividend Return 26.00 units
Profit 7.00 units
Profit % 36.84%

Base Results Summary

Selections 215
Wins 54
Win Strike Rate 25.12 %
Dividend Return 245.75 units
Profit 30.75 units
Profit % 14.30 %


When I took the approach back to January 1, 2013 the results were still extremely promising with the win strike rate holding up at 23.58% and a level stakes profit maintained (8.39%).

This is just such a terrific approach for the average punter to latch onto good, sound selections in good class races - horses that are well-fancied in the betting market and which are IN FORM and FIT. This is a potent combination of form factors.

Full Selection Support

When you purchase System 28 you’’ll receive a digital ebook, with all the rules clearly laid out for you. You’ll also be given also be given all results and past selections for the eight month research period – winners and losers, for you to check results.

Whilst even an utter novice can work out selections using the System 28 approach for each Saturday, you also receive twelve months selection support. Exclusive access to System 28 member’s online selection blog.

Yes a dedicated private online community for System 28 members, where the system’s designer, Chartist, show you the ins and outs of his dynamically effective approach

You will then be given the ‘System 28’ selections – doing the work for you to uncover those gems.

Please hurry. It’s going to be hard to offer so much … for so little … for very long.

Most important, I urge you to click the “Join Now” button because there will never be a better or easier time to position yourself for the opportunities ahead.
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