Power Play

Power Play

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Australia's leading tipster claims he can show you how to find winners week after week.

In fact, he guarantees he can.

You should hear him out.   


Dear Fellow Punter,

Is there a formula to ‘crack’ horse racing and open it up for small punters?

We say ‘absolutely yes’ and we have the formula that will give rank-and-file punters the golden opportunity to help them win at racing.

We call the secret formula ‘Power Play’ and it’s already a proven performer.

We’ve just made a very big boast . . .

Why should you believe a word of it!

Well, this handicapping approach comes from one of the most respected and trusted racing analysts in Australia, a man that many Aussie punters are very familiar with… We’ll reveal the identity of the man behind this breakthrough and we will also tell you the logic behind this handicapping approach, plus it’s recent results.

You can deploy Brian Blackwell's secret handicapping weapon.

I imagine you’ve probably figured out that the master punter we’ve been talking about is none other than Brian Blackwell – the editor of Australia’s favourite racing website and online magazine, Practical Punting, as well as the head of Practical Punting Daily, that nation’s leading daily tipping site.

We believe Brian’s approach could be the missing link in the search for identifying winners consistently and to help you make a profit from racing.

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