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Practical Punting Daily, PPD, is the nations leading daily horse racing tipping service, with Daily Specials, longshots, ratings and much more.
PPD was established back in 1997. It has become an exclusive Club, designed for those who genuinely want to win at racing.
It’s run by professionals with the one aim: To make money for our subscribers”. Now, as we all know, that’s a tough mission in the world of racing. Had we not given winners, and helped our members to win, we would have folded long ago.
But we do provide winners and now let me give you a recap of just some of our site’s winning sections.
Daily Specials
The PPD Club operates every day of the year. Each day you’ll be given one or maybe two ‘Specials’ – with outstanding results. The daily specials have recently been landing some top-notch winners and are showing a strong level stakes profit.
Then there’s the Longshots. Our experts are unrivalled in uncovering winning horses at big odds – their ability to pick longshots week after week is legendary.
Impactpro Ratings
Our Impactpro ratings are immensely popular and many consider them to be the best ratings service on the net. Covers a few selected races only each day with astonishing success. Simple, selective and profitable.
Australia’s Leading Daily Tipping service
We have Australia’s leading tipsters. Get their tips every day of the week on our most favourable terms ever.
I’ve just skimmed the surface because there is no way I can tell you, in this short space, all about the PPD Club. That’s why I wanted you to find out for
yourself why there is no other selection service like it.


And here’s what our members have said . . .

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Hugh Stanley, Managing Director

Practical Punting

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