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  • Latest Article: Place Bets Power

    In this article, our senior contributor (the late and great) E. J. Minnis replied to queries sent in by PPM readers.
    Letter From a Reader: I have been a PPM reader for quite a while now and ...

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  • Prize Placing

    Philip Roy uncovers new ways to bet for a place and keep on cashing winning tickets.Many years ago, when I was combining my banking career with the thrill of the punt, I made a serious study of place ...

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  • Chase Value on Fixed Odds

    A brand new, fresh approach to place betting? I think so, and I call it Golden Places. The approach provides healthy long term profits. And it will be easy to check it out for yourselves.All this ...

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  • Chain Gang Glory

    In these days of parlay betting, more and more punters are looking towards coupling up their fancies in doubles, hoping for the day when they strike three or four winners and have grouped them all in ...

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  • Up the Staircase!

    If you’re the type of punter who likes fiddling around with staking plans, you probably know that “patterns” can mean the difference between winning and losing.When you use progression plans you can ...

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  • Place Bets Power

    In this article, our senior contributor E. J. Minnis replies to queries sent in by PPM readers. Please send any questions to: The Editor, PPM, PO Box 551, Dee Why, NSW 2099. I have been a PPM reader ...

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  • Place Bets Can Save You

    Don't talk to me about place betting," a pal bemoaned recently. "Been there, done that. Burned!" Yes, there are lots of punters who've had a real bash at the place side of things and never got ...

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  • Each Way or Not?

    Eachway betting? An old chestnut, surely. And surely everything's been said about it that could be said.Well, this time last year I might have agreed with that. It was a hard year on the punt and I ...

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  • Terrific Trebles

    The introduction of 'parlay' betting on all-up tickets at TABs around Australia enables punters to strike some big divvies for a small outlay. The problem, however, is that the TAB bosses want to lure ...

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  • My Place Bet Magic (Part 1)

    There are many punters vehemently opposed to place betting. There are others who can't get enough of it. The latter group, I suspect, is made up of those punters who like to get regular returns on ...

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  • Adjust - and Win

    Pick 'em to win and bet 'em to place! How often have we heard that little piece of advice? Lots. But the man who originated it had a moot point.He should have drawn the line at a certain price. It's ...

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