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  • Sizzling Staking!

    Since its inception, Practical Punting Monthly has done all in its power to guide and educate Australian punters. We enjoy some sales in New Zealand, too, and sincerely hope we have managed to offer ...

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  • 5 Paths to Riches!

    The key to successful punting lies not only in picking winners and backing them-but in backing them properly. I've tried to stress this vital message from the first issue of P.P.M. Hopefully, some of ...

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  • 50 Great Staking Ideas

    Selecting winners is one thing-backing them correctly is another. Money management, that's what it's all about.Few punters ever really come to grips with how best to invest their cash on the horses ...

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  • Careful Staking Boosts Profits

    The great professional punter Eric Connolly often said that the best staking method of them all was to simply bet level stakes on every bet.That way, he reasoned, you can derive a lot of pleasure and ...

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  • The $20 Thunderbolt!

    Statsman shows the small punter the principles of money management at the racetrack.The majority of punters do not have an enormous amount of money to bet when they go to the TAB, or enjoy a day at ...

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  • The Deadly Dozen

    So you have a whole swag of winning bets - and you still can't win? If you're that kind of punter, you can take a little heart from the fact that you're not alone. Most punters bet so haphazardly, and ...

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  • Money Management at the TAB

    Do you have what is known 'in the trade' as a weak betting habit? Do you go crazy once you have set foot on a racetrack? If you do, then take a little heart from the fact that you are one among ...

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