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  • Latest Article: Trackman Deane Lester - And The Factors

    When Deane Lester talks racing, people listen. Deane’s rapid rise to the top of his profession has earned him respect as a key media form analyst.

    His peers are the first ...

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  • Eric's Form Secrets

    Eric Connolly once said there was a simple system which could win good money for patient punters. He had this to say: "It is not always easy to correctly time the preparation of a horse, and punters ...

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  • Secrets of the Big Bookies!

    If you have any sound selection method and you bet to a bank, you cannot lose. It is then impossible to lose at punting."No, the speaker isn't a punter. It's bookmaker, Graeme Sampieri, one of the ...

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  • Perils of the Pro Punter

    Thousands of punters dream of giving up their jobs to become 'professional punters' and yet only a handful make the dream come true. Why? The simple fact is that only a few amongst millions have the ...

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  • A Winning Punter

    Getting yourself in the right frame of mind is as important as just about everything else when you are punting. If you think like a loser, that's what you'll be.Psychologists say that the majority of ...

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  • The Legend of the Track (Part 1)

    If ever racing men sit down to talk about famous punters, there is one name that will always be mentioned - Eric Connolly.He was a racehorse trainer in the good old days' but mainly he won a ...

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  • The Psychology of Gambling (Part 3)

    In this final section of a review of the unconscious factors that may adversely affect our judgement when gambling, we will look at only one factor - but a very important one. The myth of skill.Given ...

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  • The Psychology of Gambling (Part 2)

    Last month, we looked at the psychological pressures of "negative recency" and "utility" and how they affect the average gambler. We tried to highlight how these factors may influence you ...

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  • The Psychology of Gambling (Part 1)

    When you go to gamble you make a decision. There are a number of components - what to be on, how to bet on it (win, each way, doubles, quinellas, etc.) and how much to bet on it. Are you aware of all ...

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  • Professional Turf Speculation

    How do professional punters really operate? It's a question I am often asked by punters desperate to be 'in the know' on the activities of men who actually make a living at the races. Naturally, the ...

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  • Pittsburgh Phil - The Patron Saint of Punters

    Many articles have been written about Pittsburgh Phil, the most famous of all punters. If a certain doctor was alive today he could testify, much to his own chagrin, to Phil's betting ...

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