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  • Pace Wins The Cash

    By memory it was about six and a half years ago in 1997 that Practical Punting Monthly first published some of my statistics about where the winners come from in regard to positioning in the run. At ...

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  • Go For Those Valley On-Pacers

    In this article, our senior contributor E.J. Minnis replies to queries sent in by PPMreaders. Please send any questions to: The Editor, PPM, PO Box 551, Dee Why, NSW 2099.The publication of the ...

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  • Back Those On-Pace Runners

    In this article, our senior contributor E. J. Minnis replies to queries sent in by PPM readers. Paul Guidara is a Melbourne based reader of Practical Punting Monthly and a very keen form student who ...

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  • Pace Clues

    One of the great mysteries of racing has always been the subject of 'pace', or how a race will be run. Some races, mainly the shorter sprints, speak for themselves.We know that a 1000m Lightning ...

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  • Valley of Bias!

    As any old-time punter would tell you, there never was such a thing as biased tracks 'back in the good old days'!True or not, it really doesn't matter as today we live and punt in a very different ...

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  • Front Up!

    It's always an absorbing talking point in racing to discuss 'where' the winners come from in a race. How many horses lead all the way? How many come from the first few on the turn? How many come from ...

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  • Patterns

    There are man patterns in racing. Horses tend to race in a certain 'pattern' and often you discern coming winners by looking for changes in the way a horse runs from race to race.Some years ago, a ...

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