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  • New Year Cheer

    Are we planning for 1998 already? Afraid so. Bit of a shock, yes?Some of you will not need the ensuing words of advice. Congratulations. To the others I say: ignore the advice at your peril! Did you ...

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  • Percentage Ploys

    If you want 'fun' from your daily betting, and most people have a wager for this reason, then you have to assess in your mind how much 'fun' your pocket can afford. Lose too much money having fun and ...

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  • Educating the Punter

    It is as important to know when not to bet as it is when to bet. Many uneducated punters gamble for the action.You see them at the track and in the TABS, punters who have to have a bet regardless of ...

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  • Stats Facts

    This is the first article by our new columnist, Geoffrey Hutson, a Melbourne University research scientist. Geoffrey will discuss many aspects of betting in his monthly column. He is, in his own ...

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  • Beat The Devil!

    There's a devil in each of us when it comes to betting. Most punters can identify their own individual devils betting too much, listening to their mates' tips, riot studying the form, failing to bet ...

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  • Bankroll Blues!

    Have you got the Bankroll Blues? What I mean is this-do you suffer from what you believe is an acute form of money depletion?A lot of punters put themselves into this category. They believe that ...

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  • Power Play!

    As another year draws to a dose, it's my bet, that most punters around Australia are counting the cost of yet another 12 months of losing betting. Hopefully we've helped readers of P.P.M. to avoid ...

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  • Softly Softly

    As my colleagues in this magazine stated many times before, too many punters ignore the 'staking' side of their betting activity. What they do, say, is pick out a trifecta or double, and just bet on ...

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  • Multiple Mayhem

    Hands up those punters who haven't, in the past 12 months, tried to land a trifecta. No hands raised, I bet. And why not? The trifecta is probably the most appealing form of betting for small-cash ...

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  • 4 Super Profit Plans to Help You Win in 1989

    Now's your chance to get your year's betting off to a sound start! PPM's expert Jon Hudson discusses tactics and goal-setting, and brings you the views of Statsman, The Optimist and Martin Dowling. ...

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