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  • Latest Article: The Tick Test!

    The study of form is the essential ingredient to becoming a successful punter. All professional punters learn to study form because they know that without it, they are like a carpenter ...

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  • Media Mayhem

    Australian punters are fortunate to have a press that devotes a great deal of space to racing. Some of our morning newspaper formguides are of excellent quality, and contain more than enough ...

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  • 50 Super Winning Thoughts

    Remembering all that is spoken and written about betting is, for many punters, too much of a task. It can be confusing and a little frustrating to have to cope with such a massive input of ...

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  • The 10 Worst Blunders!

    When I asked a friend of mine which blunder he considered the worst a punter could make, he answered, tongue-in-cheek: "Backing a loser, that's the worst blunder I know!" In a way, his flippant remark ...

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  • Educating the Punter

    Last month I wrote about the absolute basics of racing. I touched on the subject of horses' names and how the use of names allows one to maintain accurate records of a horse's form. The names of the ...

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  • Why the Winners Scored

    In this article, we introduce a new P.P.M. contributor, Philip Roy, a retired bank manager from Sydney who has been a devoted 'form analyst' for 40 years. Here he examines why winning ...

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  • Take Note!

    Professional punters in Australia - and anywhere in the world for that matter - will devote hours to the study of a race, investigating every factor relevant to every runner. It's known as 'cramming' ...

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  • Finding Those Form Selections (Part 3)

    It's easy enough in racing to talk about how to find the winning selections. This is a matter we wrote about in last month's issue of P.P.M. We showed you how to apply various form factors to arrive ...

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  • Knockout Kelly!

    Much research has been done into staking and selection systems, but quite obviously - as many punters will attest still not enough to make racing a safe and reliable business!

    As has been ...

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  • The Meaning of Form (Part 1)

    We hear enough about the "meaning of life' these days, don't we? But I'm prepared to bet that dedicated punters are more interested in the meaning of form! How do you understand good form? How do you ...

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  • The ABC of Form (Part 2)

    What IS form? How can we quantify it to our advantage? How can we get it clear in our minds exactly what constitutes form, and how can we 'manage' the form statistics to our advantage?Form is a ...

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