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  • How Dan Does the Form - and the Call

    In what now seems like another life back in the early 70s, I was one of those young punters who bet on almost anything, from pub pool, darts, football, cards, horse racing, greyhounds and what was ...

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  • 10 Vital Form Ticks!

    Understanding harness racing form can be a tricky task - all those mile rates and class changes.My point is, don't concern yourself too much with the intricacies but concentrate on some plain but ...

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  • Micro-Wheel Tornado

    Paul Wishe, 33, has been following harness racing from his schooldays in Melbourne. He now lives in Sydney, runs a business consultancy and bets 'semi-professionally' on Sydney and Melbourne trots ...

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  • Trots Ticks

    I have often wondered why so many punters fail to study harness racing form. I should have realised that it's all due to a lack of education. Not on the punters' side but on the harness racing ...

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  • Cut Up Rough

    "You gotta cut up rough if you wanna get square in this game," an old harness racing man once told me. What he meant in his cussy way of speaking was simple: Get rid of the no-hopers in a race โ€“ and ...

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  • Back-Up Boomer

    The more research that you can do into a particular factor of horse racing usually means that somewhere along the line you will discover a breakthrough.For example, let's say you are looking at ...

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  • Sizzling Sulkies

    No analysis of harness-racing could begin without a close look at the impact of the barrier draw. There are two aspects of harness-racing which are crucial - one is the draw, the other is the start ...

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  • Danger Signals

    Recently, a friend rang me up declaring he had a special at the Bankstown (NSW) harness racing meeting that night. The horse, he told me excitedly, had excellent form, had drawn barrier one and was ...

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  • Sectional Sizzlers

    Any piece of information that can help you beat the racing game โ€“ any code! โ€“ Has to be treated with the utmost respect. In harness racing you cannot hope to win in the long term without ...

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  • The Time Machine

    Harness racing form assessment is usually centred on pacers' Mile Rates. These are now widely used to measure a horse's speed, and P.P.M. has featured a number of fine methods incorporating Mile ...

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