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  • Campaign Mileposts

    0ne thing that is constant in the world of punting is that we need to explore new angles to either enhance our selection process or improve our ability to eliminate losers. An angle that has been ...

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  • Happy Days! (Part 2)

    Looking at two recent Saturday meetings in Sydney and Melbourne, I was struck by the statistics of each winner's 'last run' days. They served to emphasise the value of recent form when making ...

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  • Fit to Rule! (Part 1)

    Fitness - as far as off-course punters are concerned is very much a mystery. TAB punters haven't a clue as to whether a horse is fit or otherwise as it lopes off to the starting gates.We may see all ...

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  • 7-Year Itch!

    The fitness of a racehorse, as we all know, is of paramount importance when it comes to determining how it might run in a given race. Fit horses win races, goes the old saying.When I lived in America, ...

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  • Power Patterns

    Psychologists call it 'patterns of behaviour' and, of course, they're talking about human beings and the way that 99 per cent of us adopt a rational lifestyle with predictable behaviour.But what about ...

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  • Second Up Hits!

    We hear a lot about the 'second-up syndrome'. Those who believe in it make the sweeping generalisation that horses racing second-up from a spell never win. They avoid them like the plague.But what do ...

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  • Seeking Out the Fit Ones

    Fitness plays such an important role in horse racing, and so few punters really know much about how to assess it, that we assigned Statsman to set out in detail his own expert views on this important ...

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  • Second-Up Shivers

    There were a number of horses racing second-up from spells at Eagle Farm on December 5. All lost. At Sandown that day, there were 11 horses in that category. All lost. At Rosehill, there were six. All ...

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  • Let's Spell It Out! (Part 1)

    Few horses manage to win immediately after returning from a spell-a rest from racing of two months or more. Some manage to win after a let-up, but the odds are pretty much against any horse coming ...

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