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  • 2YO's and 3YO's - Solving the Riddle (Part 3)

    In the November and December issues of PPM the foundations were laid over two articles devoted to the combined elements of distance, going and field size within a? race that contribute to the stamina ...

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  • Combing Through the Elements (Part 2)

    In the November issue of PPM I started to talk about the three elements that ?define the stamina content of any given horse race, namely: distance, going and field size. The article maintained that ...

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  • The 3 Faces of Stamina (Part 1)

    When we sit down to analyse a horse race, one of the first things we will do is to try to assess the kind of race that is on offer. We will look at the class of the race and we will note the distance ...

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  • Wet Lines Nail the Cups Double (Part 2)

    In the final part of a two-part series, P.P.M. reader Sid Bowling, from Argenton, N.S.W., tells how his study of 'mudlark' breeding lines helped him collect last year's Caulfield Cup-Melbourne Cup ...

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  • Master Class! (Part 1)

    Sid Bowling is a P. P.M. subscriber from Argenton, N.S.W. Sid is an astute judge when it comes to the ins-and-outs of racing. In this two part series, he explains how a study of breeding can ...

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