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  • The Devil's Barrier

    If, like me, you’re a racing fan who’s migrated to Australia then the first race to attract your attention is Australia’s greatest horse race, the Melbourne Cup.This race has immense stature and ...

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  • Barriers - Good or Bad?

    In a paper on horse racing put together by three members of Curtin University (West Australia) Department of Finance and Banking, there is a succinct paragraph about barrier positions.It states: ...

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  • Inside Gate is the Base (Part 2)

    If we assume, as many punters do, that inside gates are the best, doesn't it follow that we should look very carefully indeed at good-form horses racing from these barriers?Let's say that we have done ...

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  • The Draw: Is it Important? (Part 1)

    Be honest . . . Faced with the choice between two horses for a race, do you turn to the barrier draw to separate them? If Horse A is drawn in barrier I and the other qualifier is in gate 12, aren't ...

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  • Tricky Times?

    The Brassel family is well-known throughout Australian racing due to their long association with the print media. Tom Brassel was for 20 years turf editor of the now defunct Daily Mirror and is now ...

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  • Are They Really So Important As We Believe?

    The shortest way home is always on or near the inside rail. Well, that's technically true, as we all know, but we also know that many times it doesn't find you the winner of a race. Especially when ...

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