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  • Short Not Sweet

    When you’re putting a trifecta, or First 4 combination together, are you always loathe to leave out the short-priced runners? Don’t worry, 99 per cent of punters have the same mindset.Fact is, though, ...

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  • Perm The Picks To Get The Leverage (Part 2)

    The Yankee bet, as I revealed last issue, can be enormously rewarding. I pointed out how the mighty Statsman had raked in thousands of dollars in profits from his Yankee bet selections in the past ...

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  • Set the Yankees Alight (Part 1)

    Back on June 15, Statsman hero of so many great system creations over the last 20 years - achieved what many say is the impossible dream. In his 00555 telephone selections, which accompany the Jon ...

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  • Trouble Shootin' Angles

    Men punters talk about betting they will invariably end up mentioning the 'big double' they landed during their punting lifetimes. Everyone has one or two of them - the big windfall return, or ...

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