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  • How To Hit The First Four (Part 2)

    Hands up anyone who doesn't want to win a LOT of money with a SMALL bet? What, no hands? No surprise, of course.

    Any punter worth his salt has, at some time or the other, set out to make ...

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  • Cut the Field to One-Third (Part 1)

    Slash the field to one-third, and go from there! That's the crux of the system I'm about to talk about.

    It's some 30 to 40 years old, but it remains a steady winner-getter. Why? Because it ...

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  • First 4 Offers Hope and Potential Doom

    I am often asked which of the popular exotic forms of betting is the best for a punter. Of course to a large extent it depends on your punting personality, along with your betting bank, and to perhaps ...

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  • Use those Value Hopes

    In recent issues we’ve looked at various multiple combination approaches for trifecta and First 4 betting. I’ve had quite a few letters from readers seeking further advice.Most want to know easy ways ...

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  • The $150 Attack Force

    Several readers have been in touch following my articles on multiple betting on trifectas and First 4s. All raised interesting points.In future issues of PPM, I will deal with the issues they brought ...

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  • $100 A Go for the First 4

    As we all know, the First 4 is a challenging and frustrating “exotic” bet. To beat it on a long-term basis requires skill, patience and . . . lots of money.This month’s article concentrates on looking ...

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  • Crack the First 4 Riddle

    Landing a First 4 divvie can be a marvelously rewarding experience. The payouts are big. Sometimes huge.But how can you frame your bets for a moderate amount of money and give yourself a fighting ...

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  • Barbeque those First 4 Races

    At a BBQ recently, my pal Martin Dowling asked me to join a syndicate he’d formed to bet the First 4.“There is big money to be made,” he enthused over his sausage and chop. “All it takes is some ...

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  • Creative Exotics

    The other week I ran into a chap I hadn't seen for some 10 years. I knew him as a fearless type of punter given to gambling any winnings on an all up basis. Sometimes he carried off large stashes of ...

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  • Plan the War to Lick the 6

    Perhaps the toughest of all exotics bets is the Superfecta, run via the NSW T.A.B. It's a game and optimistic punter who has a lash at the daunting task of trying to pick, in the correct order, the ...

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